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Intel Lock is dedicated to offering the very best locksmith service for our customers in Tucson and the surrounding areas. We believe every service call is an opportunity to not only meet the expectations of our customers, but to exceed them.

Many of our customers travel within Arizona. They told us about bad experiences with other locksmiths in places like Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tempe. They reported dealing with poorly trained locksmiths who damaged their doors. We heard about price gouging and other scams. These types of things harm the Arizona locksmith industry. They make customers wary of dealing with Arizona locksmiths.

Solving the Problem

To solve this problem, we have partnered with Squaw Peak Lock & Key, a locksmith company based out of Phoenix. This closer working relationship is great news for Arizona drivers, residents, and business owners. We will work together to make sure our locksmith technicians are trained in the newest technology, like smart locks and keyless entry systems. They will share best practices to improve efficiency. And, if you are ever traveling between Arizona cities, you now have a reliable 24 hour locksmith company who you know you can trust.