Maintaining House Locks in Tucson

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Maintaining House Locks in Tucson

Tucson, AZ is known for some interesting climate conditions. Although generally pleasant, seasonal wind and dust, mild to hot day- and colder nighttime temps, hot summers, and dry air, followed by the drenching monsoon season, often cause materials to shift and deteriorate more rapidly.

We often get calls from residential customers whose locks have failed due to having been exposed to the desert elements. Most often, dust and debris entered through the keyway, preventing the mechanism from engaging. When this happens, we dismantle the lock and give it a good clean and try to fix any parts that have broken. Other times, the problem is due to the expansion and contraction of the door or the frame. In those cases, we can sometimes adjust the lock so that it lines up and operates more smoothly.

Tips for House Locks in the Tucson Desert

  • Keep your locks clean. Regular cleaning of the outer parts of the lock will keep them looking shiny and new and also prevent dust from finding it’s way inside. Just use a soft, damp cloth to remove dust and a little mild soap for stuck-on stuff. Abrasive or corrosive cleaners will damage the finish.
  • Avoid using large quantities of WD-40 in your locks. Although WD-40 is generally useful for lubricating working parts, it’s really more of a nuisance when used in excess for locks. When dirt gets inside, it mixes with it, and a gunky mess is created that can ultimately cause the lock to fail.
  • Consider purchasing one lock for your house with a keyless entry option. If you have lost your keys or happen to lock your keys inside the house, you will be very happy with this decision. Keypads are the simplest. You can simply enter the code into the keypad and get back inside quickly. With all of the outdoor activities people love to do in Tucson, like walking dogs, hiking, biking, jogging, and swimming, it’s for sure way easier to enter the code into a keypad than lug around your house keys or take the chance of losing them along the way.
  • Choose weather-proof padlocks. Padlocks are most often used outside and end up getting neglected. The weather-proof casing will keep out dirt, dust, and water, preventing the locks from rusting and excess wear and tear by the elements.
  • Buy decent-quality locks. You can’t expect locks to last forever, but starting off with a good lock is the logical choice.

If you still have any questions, concerns or would like some locksmith assistance, feel free to call your Tucson locksmith at (520) 299-0125! We would be more than happy to help you!