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Intel Lock – Tucson Locksmith is your #1 choice for a commercial locksmith service. We can help when you are locked out, need a broken lock repaired or replaced, lost keys, need locks rekeyed, want to upgrade your locks, and more. No job is too large or small, and our locksmiths are on call 24 hours 7 days a week to help with your business’ security on an emergency basis and by appointment. Realtors, landlords, property managers, business owners, and store managers are just some of our most frequent clients, and we are experienced professionals trained to handle all types of commercial lock and key problems quickly and discreetly, with little or no interruption to your schedule.

With effective support and management, the staff at Intel Lock understands what it takes to keep things running smoothly! And, it is important to have your locksmith lined up ahead of time who you can trust to be available when you need them and get the job done right the first time.

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Lock Outs

It’s not uncommon to get to work or come back from your lunch break and realize you don’t have your keys. Being locked out is no fun! We know you’re busy and have clients to serve, and we know you lose money when you can’t get into your place of business. That’s why we prioritize our commercial clients and make sure we have locksmiths on-call 24 hours to unlock your door, when you need it.

Lock Rekey

When you take over a building or space, or a key-holding employee quits or is terminated, those are sure signs you need to have your locks rekeyed. By rekeying the locks, the old keys will no longer work and you will get brand new keys to give to trusted, current workers. Taking the chance that someone will come back for retribution is not an option, especially with inventory, equipment, and private data at risk.

Master Rekey

Sometimes in the workplace, you want to allow certain people access through specific doors but not others. A master rekey system is the perfect solution. With a master key system, you can choose who can access what rooms or buildings based on their department, clearance, or level of trust. Having your locks master keyed is also a great way to give access to cleaning crews or maintenance personnel routinely doing work in your office.

Lock Repair

From heavy use, commercial locks get a lot of wear and tear, and sometimes they fall out, won’t line up, break inside, or just stop working. This generally happens at closing time when everyone is ready to go home! In some cases, we can repair the damaged lock, saving you the cost of replacement. We can also extract broken keys.

Lock Replacement

If your broken lock cannot be fixed, we can replace it with a new lock. We offer locks in a variety of styles, levels of security, and functions for our clients, tailoring to the needs of each individual business.

Mortise Locks

Mortise locks are most commonly found on storefronts, offices, and buildings with heavy traffic. Basic looking on the outside, the inner mechanism of this lock is quite complex and offers a higher level of security compared to cylindrical locks, with greater resistance to break-ins and wear and tear. Mortise locks are installed by cutting a mortise, or recess, into the door, and it is in that recess that the mechanism of the lock is secured. We can install, fix, replace, and rekey mortise locks expertly.

Panic Bars

Panic bars (also called crash bars) and fire exit hardware are found in most commercial settings, because they allow easy egress for clients and company staff and they are also often required by Fire Code. Reliable and durable, panic bars are the best locks for high-occupancy settings, such as stores and areas with large congregations of people like churches, auditoriums, and office buildings. Panic and fire exit devices are also used in high-hazard areas, whose contents may be prone to explosions, to allow people to easily escape. Our locksmiths have extensive experience with panic bar repair, replacement, and installation. We can help with compliance issues and bring your building up to code to pass inspection, ensuring the safety of all occupants.

Multipoint Panic Systems

For stores with large inventory and commercial operations with expensive equipment, making sure your doors are locked tight is necessary. And, like panic bars, multipoint systems are designed to allow occupants to escape quickly and easily in the case of an emergency while maintaining general building security. Multipoint panic devices have multiple bolts at different points on the door so they, when locked, cannot be easily opened by any means or kicked in. They can also be opened in the direction of escape even without a key and re-lock once the door closes, blocking access to reentering the building. Multipoint panic system locks are available with and without sounding alarms.

Keyless Entry

Sometimes, keeping track of keys is cumbersome! Today, there are many locks that can be opened by entering a numeric code, using a swipe card, or by being in the presence of a fob. Reduce the chance of intrusion resulting from an employee losing a key and make the switch to keyless locks. You can also enjoy the benefits of a simple code reset if someone resigns or is terminated.

Access Control

There are many options to control access to your office, storefront, studio, or warehouse. If you have several employees coming and going at different times, you might want to have the ability to keep track of who’s been where and when with an activity log and audit trail. Many affordable locks for access control are on the market, and our locksmiths will provide you with an assessment to determine which locks would best suit your budget and needs.

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