June Is ‘Adopt a Shelter Cat Month’

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Every spring and summer, animal shelters become overwhelmed with new litters of kittens. In an effort to find homes for all of these kitties, animal shelters across the country have deemed June as ‘National Adopt a Shelter Cat Month.’

How Can We Help Tucson Animals?

There are numerous ways people can make a difference to the lives of animals in the Tucson community.

Volunteering with an animal welfare organization, adopting a rescued animal instead of buying one from a pet shop, donating money and goods, and having your pets spayed or neutered are some simple things each of us can do to help to stop pet overpopulation and the euthanasia of healthy pets.

We can also help by supporting organizations like the Hermitage Cat Shelter, a local no-kill shelter dedicated to saving and preserving the lives of our feline friends. More than just a shelter, the folks at Hermitage provide an invaluable resource to the community, offering sponsorship and fostering opportunities, advice on and help with behavior issues, food for homeless people’s pets, and a trap-neuter-release program for feral cats.

Hermitage’s Annual Kitten Shower

Hermitage’s annual Kitten Shower will be held at the Shelter on June 28th 10am-4pm. There will be refreshments including hot dogs, chips, and soda. And kittens for adoption of course! Come down and check it out!

Intel Lock to Donate $1 from Every June 2014 Sale

In an effort to raise awareness and engage the community of Tucson, Intel Lock – Tucson Locksmith will donate $1 from every sale during the month of June 2014 to the Hermitage No-Kill Cat Shelter in Tucson, AZ.

6 Reasons to Adopt a Cat

1.) Cats Keep You Entertained


2.) Cats Can Form Neat Shapes


3.) People Have Worshipped Cats For Thousands Of Years.


4.) Cats are good for your health. (They can teach you yoga and meditation right in the comfort of your own home!)


5.) Cats Are Extremely Photogenic.


6.) Cats Are Ninjas.