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Locksmith, I Need You

Locksmith, oh locksmith. Wherefore art thou locksmith? I am locked out and have lost my only set of keys! And if I shall not be able to squeezeth through my doggie door (which I likely, given it is made for toy breeds), I will require your services immediately!


The life of a locksmith is not always quite so romantic, nevertheless, we often receive the opportunity to be valiantly helpful, quickly rescuing ladies and gentlemen in distress.

When Do You Need a Locksmith?

Perhaps you have lived your whole life never requiring the services of a locksmith. Or rather, maybe it was never your responsibility to attend to lock and key needs. But then, it happens. The first time for anything can be pretty scary, confusing, or downright stressful!

We realize that whether you are a newb to needing a locksmith or a seasoned lock and key consumer, you are unlikely thrilled to be in that position. Even in the best of scenarios, because of the nature of the locksmith business, we are helping clients handle boundary issues, which can be quite touchy. Your locks are the boundaries between you, your family, and your belongings and the outside world. Sharing is caring, but even the most generous of us still require privacy and security.

If you think about it, most people do not have the skills or tools required to enter your car, home, or office without a key or without using conspicuous forced entry. That is fortunate and the reason locksmiths exist.

If You are Locked Out

Locks (well, the good ones anyway) are barriers to entry and cannot be opened with a credit card or hair pin. You would also likely cause damage to the lock and your door if you try to force it open. Breaking a window is also far more costly, and broken glass is dangerous.

There are some tactics to explore before calling a locksmith when you are locked out, including calling someone who has a spare key and checking all of your doors and windows to see if any are open or unlocked. But, most of the time, it is far easier, safer, more convenient, and much less time-consuming to call a locksmith for help.

To save time, choose a trusted local locksmith and store their number in your cell phone or business card in your wallet. Have your friends and family do the same.

If You Lost Your Keys

Lost keys can be a major inconvenience. You don’t know who could have picked them up and whatsmore, you are unable to access your home, office, vehicle, file cabinet, tool box, storage unit, etc. Unless you know they are laying around the house somewhere, chances are that your keys have disappeared into oblivion, much like socks often do in a dryer.

Instead of driving yourself nuts trying to remember where you put your key or where it’s hiding, have your locksmith come make you a new one. People spend an average of quadruple the time unsuccessfully trying to solving this problem themselves. Worst case scenario, you now have a spare key!

If You Need Your Locks Rekeyed

Locksmiths rekey locks for a variety of reasons, including for customers who lost keys and who are in times of transition, such as buying a new home or changing tenants, roommates, or employees. Wondering who has a key to your home, office, or vehicle is an exercise in futility.

If You Need Your Locks Changed

Eventually, locks and keys will wear out. At first, you may find that you are struggling more than usual to get the lock to turn. You jiggle…It opens. As time goes by, the problem worsens. You begin jiggling harder, talking to the lock to convince it to open, and putting all of your weight into it. Whew! It opens. But finally, the day comes when the lock simply refuses to work any longer, and you’re stuck.

It is wise to be proactive and have a locksmith come out and take a look at your locks when you first notice a problem. It may be fixable or the lock may need replacement. Either way, you are doing yourself a great favor by ensuring that all of your locks are fully functional while you can still get inside…or outside.

And so, when the day does dawn that your locks and keys giveth you a problem, there is no need to act out a dramatic Shakespearean scene. Call your reputable, local, trusted locksmith and then sit back, relax, and alloweth yourself to simply be part of the audience.